Cathedral No. 1
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24”x36” Oil on Canvas: Private Collection

Gallery-wrapped stretched canvas

Rolled and shipped in a tube

Also available in Print or Enhanced Giclee

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The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Savannah has a long religious heritage and is a city teeming with amazingly beautiful and distinctive historic churches, congregations, and synagogues, each carrying within an inspiring spiritual story. At its founding, Savannah banned Catholics; the city was initially designed as a British military stronghold to impede Spanish northern expansion and influence from Florida. After Spain traded Florida to Great Britain in 1763, Catholicism was allowed to be opening practiced in Savannah. Luba’s rendition of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist captures the magnificence o fthis fabulous, storied structure. The building itself overwhelms everything it stands near; its far-sighted color-palate is warm and soothing, inviting you to come inside for additional inspiration and supplication. The Lancet and stained glass windows, the apse and chancel, its steeple bell and murals are further incentives to sojourn inside after you’ve entertained the Cathedral’s ornate French Gothic style in the warm sun perpetually shining down on Savannah. The angle Luba chose in this painting captures the essence of this amazing Cathedral’s uplifting, visionary and inspiring message —a message of hope from past and current congregations and parishioners to those who pass through the Historic District of Savannah.