Forsyth Park Fountain

Located at the southern end of Savannah’s Historic District sits the thirty beautiful acres of Forsyth Park. Named after a former Governor of Georgia in 1851, John Forsyth, who also happened to donate the final 20-acres to complete the large public park, Forsyth Park has continuously remained a central resting and playing location for Savannah natives and visitors alike. The Forsyth Park Fountain was added to the northern end of the park in 1858 and remains as dazzling as any water fountain found in the world. Luba’s ‘Forsyth Park Fountain’ captures the Parisian-like atmosphere modeled by Savannah’s city planners to advance the city’s unique cosmopolitan appearance; the luminous bright colors of blooming azaleas, the florescent reflections off the white cast iron fountain, and water spray radiating through the surrounding greenery are all eminently captured.