Sea-Shell-Shopping copy.jpg

Seashell Picking- Tybee Island

Resting at the eastern most point of the state of Georgia—getting there from the city of Savannah by traveling down the Savannah River to where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean—sits Tybee Island. Notorious for its history of perilous pirates, an accidental dropping of an unarmed atomic bomb in the ‘50s, and its ominous historic brushes with violent hurricanes, Tybee is the favorite beach stop near Savannah, offering a charming, laid-back ambiance. Luba’s Sea-Shell Shopping (2013) explores a favorite activity of Tybee beach goers. Tybee has miles of beautiful beaches and salt marshes. It is a favorite stop for bird watchers, kayakers, sea turtles, and wind-board surfers. Please enjoy this small replica of a much larger work.