Each week discover an enchantingly fresh en plein air painting by Luba, with a brief story to take you behind-the-scenes of her inspiration! Postcards from Savannah allows you to remain in touch with your favorite artist and your favorite city!

The Williams-Mercer House by Luba Lowry, 5x7

The Williams-Mercer house

It took “The book” to reenergize the city’s allure the neglect of time had impaired. Like the man who lived its story, I fell in love with Savannah the minute I stepped onto Monterey Square.

Nine Boats on the Savannah River by Luba Lowry, 5x7

Nine boats on the savannah river

Enjoy a long walk along Savannah’s River Street and you can’t help but observe the many boats rapidly coming and going through its busy port. In this vibrant painting, Luba captures nine boats operating simultaneously on the Savannah River.