Day on River Street

The historic city of Savannah was founded in 1733 by enterprising British General James Oglethorpe, who landed on the Yamacraw Bluff named after the local tribe of Native Americans. The bluff overlooks the Savannah River, for which the city was named. Like many mysteriou saspects of Savannah, the actual name of the city has an indefinite derivation. Naturally, since its founding, artists in Savannah have continuously captured scenes from the city’s waterfront; drawing particular attention to the unique historic importance of the port to the substance, importance and prosperity of the city. In Day on River Street, Luba has captured a waterfront scene parts of which will never be witnessed again, as a hotel is scheduled to be built nearby which will alter this particular view and landscape forever. Not surprisingly, throughout its history artists in Savannah have performed the important civic role of recording living memories’to the altering landscape of this prominent port city. Day of River Street is Luba’sexquisite contribution to this important historic and artistic mission.