Night on River Street

All year round, River Street is an active location for festivals, fireworks and general happenings in the city of Savannah. However, particularly at night, a whole ‘other’ world awakens on its cobbled stones. And when the street finally clears of people in the early morning hours and, more importantly, if you look with a painter’s eye, a rainbow of the nocturnal form magically appears on Savannah’s River Street. In her ‘Night on River Street’ (2012), Luba unveils the allure and delight of the glittering cobbled-stone street and century-old former cotton warehouses illuminated exclusively by the moon and its refracted light beaming off the Savannah River in the dead of night.Yet, a night on River Street is thereby anything but dead or dull when the crowd leaves. With a few brush strokes, the converted pubs, art galleries, inns, restaurants and night spots become reanimated with lustrous light and phantom shadows. Luba’s ‘Night on River Street’ is currently hanging with two others among her more recent collection of paintings of Savannah-Scapes in the lobby of the Double-Tree Hilton Hotel located on Bay Street in downtown Savannah.