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Morning Fog

Walking early mornings in the squares located nearby River Street in downtown Savannah, you may be lucky to find yourself partially lost in the romantic fog that lazily flows eastward down the Savannah River out to sea. Luba calls these Savannah experiences ‘A Good Morning Fog’ and she spends many mornings painting fog-filled scenes Plein Air. Luba’s muted color palate ensnares the romantic, charming and rustic feel of this beautiful city. The fading, limited and dulling colors pull you in the morning fog coming off the river; these moments are more intensely experienced through our imaginations, of course —and you’ll find this is particularly true when you go for that long stroll in a morning fog in downtown Savannah near its wonderful river.

Morning Fog
from 40.00

48”x36” Oil on Canvas: Private Collection

Gallery-wrapped stretched canvas

Rolled and shipped in a tube

Also available in Print or Enhanced Giclee

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